Postkarte2Osljak2004 004The ancient and original name of this beautiful island is Osljak (pronounced Osh-lee-ak), but today all the locals refer to it as Lazaret.
This island has a rich and colourfull history. The first visitors were wealthy Roman citizens from the city of Zadar in the fifth century. Amazingly, a church built in the year 500 AD has been preserved and is right here on the island. You can see it if you take a short stroll up the little path from the ferry dock – ask your server for directions.

The first permanent inhabitants were two brothers, Mathew and Peter Valcic who arrived here in 1760. If you take the time to speak to some of the locals, you will notice that allmost everyone here is still a Valcic.

PostkarteOsljak2004 020The Island is elliptical in shape and is 2300 meters in circumference. The top of the island is 90 meters above sea level. Feel free to take a leisurely stroll around our beautiful island after lunch, there is a small path that brings you right to where you started in less then an hour. On the other side of the island you will enjoy a great view of the mainland and Zadar. If you look carefully you will find the ruins of two old windmills built in the 1700’s.

Thank you for visiting our little corner of the world, we hope that you have enjoyed your visit with us and that you will tell your friends about us and come back soon!

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